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Suzhou Dibea Electrical Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 with the vision of making life better and easier.

       Located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, a beautiful city in eastern China, Dibea has developed from a small company to a mature enterprise. With nearly 10 years development, Dibea has successfully built a brand delivering the idea of smart lifestyle to millions of people. Our goal is to drive innovation, serve as an industry catalyst and change the world by fueling the era of robots.

       As a leading brand in household cleaning appliances, Dibea is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of vacuum cleaners over the past nearly 10 years. Insisting on the culture of innovation, Dibea has successfully developed intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, matress mites collectors, cordless stick vacuum cleaners and hundreds of high-tech household appliances, providing thousands of customers with quality and green life.

Development Paths:

>2007, withdraw from the OEM market, create a new brand-EJE
>2008, start E-business on Taobao marketplace
>2009, corporate with wholesellers offline, start multi-channels selling
>2010, conduct high-end brand strategy and corporate with top department stores
>2011, start all aspects of E-business, establish official stores on all of the chinese online marketplace
>2012, move to a new headquarter and keep expand the company
>2014, bring more cleaning appliances to the market, including bed mites controller and cordless stick vacuum cleaner
>2016, build the new brand-Dibea, keep on creating more smart appliances for the world


Who we are:
We are a professional brand in household cleaning  appliances.
Our vision is to create a world where smart cleaning appliances take all the housework. A world where people live smarter and easier.
Join us on the journey. Together we can create limitless, powerful possibilities.

What we do:
We provide one-stop household cleaning solutions. Our range of cleaning appliances and other accessories make sure you find the most smart and convenient way to do cleaning.

Dibea, means display beauties. We want to deliver an idea of easier and better lifestyle to everyone. Based on developed technology, Dibea insists on creating human-centered products and encourages good communication with every customer.

In the past decade, insisting on innovation, Dibea has made many achievements in its field.

In 2004, Dibea was given the title of National High-Tech Enterprise.

Dibea's independent intellectual property products -  X500, UV808, ML909, won the name of National High-Tech Product.

Dibea now has more than 25 patents including smart robotic vacuum cleaner.

In dibea, we provide platforms for invention and discovery. We are committed to develop more smarter cleaning appliances to improve the quality of life and safety standards worldwide.

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