Dibea New robot vacuum cleaner – D960
Dibea New robot vacuum cleaner – D960
After months’ of hard work, we’d like to introduce our newest robot vacuum clean to every one of you-D960, 2nd generation of our D-series vacuum. Powerful, quiet and stylish!
 A thorough, everyday clean
Dibea D960 vacuuming robot provides a quick and thorough cleanup,  all at the push of a button. The equipped advanced brushless motor and 1200pa powerful suction allow D960 to pick up more dust and pet hair, and with lower vacuuming noise at the same time. It cleans from room to room, moves from hard floors to thin carpets, goes over thresholds and avoids stairs. 3 inch tall, is specifically designed to fit under most furniture and tackle small messes.

 Model: D960
Dust bin capacity: 350ml
Battery: 2600mAh
Size: 12*12*3 inch
Net weight: 6.6 pounds
Max suction: 1200pa
Working time: approx 2 hours
Power voltage: 110V~240V
Dibea D960 is specifically designed to vacuum where dirt and dust hide. Combines with an advanced brush-less motor, a roller brush, 2 side brushes and 1200pa powerful suction, it loosens, lifts, and vacuums dirt, dust, pet hair and even large debris like cereal from your floors. 
D960 robot vacuum will automatically change its cleaning modes on different floors. It has 4 cleaning paths in all:
Auto mode, for everyday cleaning
Spot mode, for a small area of stubborn dirt
Zig-zag mode, for large regular space cleaning
V line mode, for large regular space cleaning
D960 will be released on Amazon(US, EU, JP), Aliexpress, Newegg and Lazada soon this month. For more product information, please visit our online stores.