16th Anniversary of Dibea | Fulfilling Smart Living Needs with Innovative Products

16th Anniversary of Dibea | Fulfilling Smart Living Needs with Innovative Products

Summary: Advancing Through Innovation

Dibea Appliances, founded in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of household appliances. With 16 years of development, Dibea now has a global customer base, and its product sales have taken a leading position in multiple countries.

16 Years of Rapid Development: Advancing Production and Research Upgrades

As early as 2017, in pursuit of enhanced product performance and quality, Dibea has successively established four independent factory zones: Mold Injection, Motor Manufacturing, Vacuum Assembly, and Robotic Vacuum Assembly. These advancements have elevated the quality of our products to a new level of sophistication. In 2022, Dibea 's brand new headquarter came into operation, consolidating the previous four factory zones into a unified facility. This new headqurter features four modern factory buildings and twelve contemporary standardized workshops, marking a dual advancement in production and operations.

Having propelled forward for 16 years, Dibea has cultivated a high-caliber R&D team and adept management professionals, achieving intelligent precision manufacturing. Our expertise spans high-speed digital motors, electronic engineering, battery power management, mechanical structural design, and supply chain management, enabling us to accumulate strengths and further elevate our capabilities and market standing, thus realizing high-quality development.

16 Years of Innovation, Featuring a Diverse Range of Products

Building upon 16 years of technological expertise, this year, Dibea has introduced a series of new products, earning recognition at major global exhibitions.

The debut of the G26 cordless vacuum cleaner dust collection station model has propelled Dibea into the forefront of the global “vacuum cleaner with dust collection station” market. The new smart wet-dry vacuum cleaner series, HC26 and H8, have garnered strong acclaim in markets like Korea and Singapore. The T30 series high-speed hair dryer, equipped with negative ion feature and an LED smart display, captivates the market with its premium features and stylish design.

Leveraging the advantage of self-owned manufacturing facilities, Dibea continuously advances research and development across various product categories. In addition to maintaining a focus on home cleaning appliances, Dibea has ventured into personal care appliances and has also amassed expertise in household purification technologies, leading to a continual expansion of the company's product offerings.

Expanding 16 Years for a More Global Business

In recent years, Dibea Appliances has actively expanded into high-quality global markets, broadening channels for brand operations. Presently, Dibea products are sold in over 80 countries and regions, with Dibea brand certification established in more than 100 countries worldwide.

With 15 years of remarkable growth, Dibea Appliances, armed with an international perspective, has absorbed industry advancements and accumulated cutting-edge technology. This has enabled us to achieve cross-category and cross-national development. We have earned numerous patent achievements and obtained multiple quality certifications both domestically and internationally, including CE, CB, UL, ETL, Ecolabel, and Energy Star certifications. These accolades represent Dibea's robust research, development, and manufacturing capabilities, garnering international recognition.

Create Good Products Wholeheartedly, to Bring a Better Life

Looking ahead, Dibea Appliances will persist in its product-focused approach, upholding the corporate mission of "CREATE GOOD PRODUCTS WHOLEHEARTEDLY," and maintaining a commitment to high-quality development. Through innovation, we will expand our product range, fortify our company's capabilities, and provide users with more and better high-quality intelligent home appliance products.