Canton Fair & Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition | Dibea Makes a Strong Entry with Expansion Across Multiple Categories

Canton Fair & Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition | Dibea Makes a Strong Entry with Expansion Across Multiple Categories

This April, Dibea, a global leading brand in the household appliances, is gearing up to showcase an array of new products at the 135th Canton Fair and the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair of 2024. The products on display will encompass a variety of offerings including vacuum cleaners with dust collection station and handheld models, wet-day vacuum, and personal care products, providing users with hands-on experience of the latest technology in home appliance industry.

"We're excited to once again join the Canton Fair and the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, where we'll showcase Dibea's latest innovations in the new generation of household appliances to the industry and our worldwide partners," stated the leader of Dibea's marketing team for the Hong Kong exhibition. "Dibea is dedicated to delivering revolutionary and practical products to global users, along with innovative and efficient solutions for home and personal care. Our goal is to leverage technology to empower the industry, helping our partners seize early market opportunities and accelerate their entry into a more dynamic market environment."

Imminent launches of new products

enriching Dibea's personal care ecosystem.

Amidst the swift advancement in the professional cleaning industry, Dibea's research and technological developments in high-speed motors, air power, and professional filtration have garnered significant attention. Several cleaning appliances have earned industry-wide acclaim for their performance and innovative design principles. This accumulation of technology supports Dibea's rapid entry into the personal care market, with a continuous stream of new products being introduced.

Following the launch of our first personal care product, the T30 series hair dryer in 2023, Dibea has rapidly expanded its personal care product line to meet the ever-growing customer demands. Our products have gained widespread recognition in the high-end personal care sector for their outstanding performance and user experience.

At the Canton Fair and the Hong Kong Exhibition, more unique personal care new products are set to debut. This includes a range of home and professional high-speed hair dryers, air stylers, and multi-functional curling wands. The products will feature various hair care technologies such as negative ions, plasma, and far-infrared, showcasing Dibea's diverse cutting-edge technology reserves and efficient supply chain integration capabilities.

Core Product Line Expansion

Dedicated to Cleaning Appliances

At the Canton Fair and the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Dibea is set to introduce several new cleaning appliance innovations, showcasing Dibea's ongoing commitment to product technology and efforts to break through traditional boundaries with innovative solutions.

In the vacuum cleaner sector, Dibea has launched one of the first base station vacuum solutions globally—the JCT Smart Dust Collection Station. Its debut last year made a significant impression on numerous domestic and international customers, leading to several market orders. The innovative all-in-one charging, dust collection, and self-cleaning mode will continue to attract more partners to join the new race of base station vacuum cleaners at upcoming exhibitions. Additionally, Dibea is set to release a new vacuum cleaner product with stronger suction, longer battery life, and a 1.5L dust capacity. It is known that this product, poised to be Dibea's future flagship in this core category, is part of the "Custom-Made" series, designed to support more personalized requirements.

In the burgeoning category of home cleaning products, the wet-dry vacuum, Dibea is also set to innovate and launch new annual products to enrich the market coverage of its wet-dry vacuum product line.

Empowering Industry Development through Technology

Enhancing Social Value through Products.

In 2024, Dibea has made continuous progress in quality enhancement and category expansion, while also integrating its reflections on social value into the innovation of products and solutions. Under the corporate vision of "Enhancing Dibea's Existential Value," Dibea is committed to creating products that resonate with user values, addressing pain points directly, optimizing the underlying product logic, and empowering the industry to move forward. By introducing innovative product concepts, Dibea brings to society advancements grounded in technological innovation with its efficient, high-quality, and reliable customized household appliance solutions, thereby liberating hands through technology and enhancing the quality of life.