CES 2024 in the USA: Dibea Electrical's 'Smart Cleaning+' Concept Leading a New Chapter

CES 2024 in the USA: Dibea Electrical's 'Smart Cleaning+' Concept Leading a New Chapter

As the largest and most influential consumer electronics technology exhibition in the world, the CES 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show recently opened grandly at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the USA. This exhibition focuses on the latest technology trends and the integration with smart home appliances, bringing an unprecedented smart living experience to consumers worldwide. Dibea Vacuum Cleaners (international brand name Dibea) made a stunning appearance with its array of star products including the JCT Smart Dust Collection Station and smart wet-dry vacuums. The extraordinary performance of these products received widespread acclaim from the audience.

Introducing the 'Smart Cleaning+' Concept, the Dust Collection Station Solution Gains Popularity

From the cored vacuum cleaners of the 1.0 era to the lithium battery vacuum cleaners of the 2.0 era, and then to the 3.0 era with upgraded brushless digital motor vacuum cleaners, the convenience and performance of vacuum cleaners in various usage scenarios have continuously improved. However, after cleaning, the dust in the dust cup still needs to be manually emptied, and the dust cup also requires manual disassembly and cleaning. How can we avoid 'secondary cleaning' and make home dust removal more effortless?

At this year's CES, Dibea showcased its revolutionary 4.0 generation flagship product - the JCT Smart Dust Collection Station. This innovation, centered around enhancing user experience, embodies the 'Smart Clean+' philosophy by addressing the pain point of having to clean the vacuum cleaner after cleaning the house. After using the vacuum cleaner, simply hang it on the base station, and the Dibea JCT Smart Dust Collection Station automatically sucks the dust from the dust cup into an integrated 3L large dust bag. The innovative dual cyclone dust collection design means there's no need for manual disassembly of the dust cup and effectively cleans the dust cup and filter, keeping hands clean. This automatic dust collection and cleaning greatly enhance the home cleaning experience.

In addition to the innovative base station, the JCT Smart Dust Collection Station's standard G26 flagship vacuum cleaner is also full of innovations. For instance, it's equipped with a 'Smart Dirt Detection' function, automatically adjusting suction power based on the amount of environmental particles. Users can noticeably feel the suction power change in different situations and when facing different debris, not only achieving a better balance between battery life and suction power but also making the cleaning process more intelligent and user-friendly.

Mastering Core Technologies, Supporting Global Strategic Layout

Apart from the innovative base station vacuum cleaner, Dibea also offers customized, flagship, classic, and lightweight series vacuum cleaners for different scenarios and needs globally. With power ranging from 700W to 160W, they easily tackle cleaning challenges on carpets and floors and come equipped with various brush attachments, allowing comprehensive cleaning from ground carpets to sofas, and even high corners and wall edges. These diversified products are favored by numerous overseas customers.

The impressive product and technological achievements are the driving force behind Dibea vacuum cleaner's expansion in global markets. Founded in 2007, Dibea has always been dedicated to the R&D and innovation in the field of smart home appliances, adhering to the brand mission of 'create good products wholeheartedly'. Over 17 years, Dibea has covered products including cordless vacuum cleaners, smart wet-dry vacuum, handheld vacuums, mite removers, and high-speed hair dryers, mastering core technologies in motors, battery PACKs, airflow systems, intelligent sensing, and touch control. With a mature full industry chain system encompassing design, production, assembly, and sales, Dibea's products are sold in over 80 countries.

Localized Strategy, Establishing Global Reputation

Dibea Electric has always been dedicated to localizing its operations in overseas markets to meet the demands of global users. Deeply understanding and integrating into local markets is key to Dibea's expansion of its international business.

In its global operations, Dibea consistently focuses on in-depth communication with local consumers. By establishing international social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as well as Dibea's official websites covering different countries, Dibea listens to the voices of diverse users, understanding and integrating into local cultures. This strategy not only makes Dibea's products more aligned with the usage habits of users in various countries but also enables the brand to sense the aesthetic preferences of different regions. The understanding and respect for local cultures provide valuable insights for the optimization and upgrade of Dibea products, laying a solid foundation for building Dibea's overseas reputation.

In the global consumer electronics field, Chinese companies have demonstrated strength comparable to international giants, especially in the smart home appliance sector, where the market is expanding. At CES 2024 and other international expos, Dibea proudly showcased the advanced technology and product strength of Chinese companies in the field of smart home appliances to the world. Cutting-edge technology, diversified products, and excellent performance have won widespread recognition from global consumers.

In the future, Dibea vacuum cleaners will continue to seize market opportunities and firmly follow the path of internationalization. Through continuous innovation and optimization, Dibea Electric will bring more excitement to a global audience!