Dibea 2024 Spring Festival Gala | The Future is Surely Brighter

Dibea 2024 Spring Festival Gala | The Future is Surely Brighter

Grand Visions, Soaring High

Dibea 2024 Spring Festival Gala

Time progresses, and new chapters unfold day by day.

On February 2nd, Dibea Electrical successfully held its "Grand Vision, Soaring High | Dibea 2023 Annual Employee Conference and 2024 Spring Festival Gala". At the gala, Dibea family members and special invited partners gathered together to raise a toast in celebration. The event also featured a highly rewarding lucky draw session, delivering happiness and joy, motivating the dedicated Dibea team to jointly create a bright new chapter for 2024.

Chairman's Address

Reflecting on the market of 2023, the people of Dibea faced the storms with unwavering determination, forging ahead and radiating their own light and warmth, while accumulating the inexhaustible power of development. Mr. Chen Haiyong, Chairman of Dibea, expressed in his address at the annual meeting that in the face of the challenges and opportunities of 2024, Dibea's people will fully embody confidence in their roles, products, markets, and careers, continuously strengthening their core competitiveness. "In 2024, let us forge ahead hand in hand, adding new glamour to Dibea."

In 2023, amidst a competitive economic environment, the company achieved fruitful results in business expansion, technological innovation, and employee welfare. In 2024, Dibea will focus on embracing new changes, cultivating innovative thinking, adopting new technologies, maintaining a market-oriented approach, and leveraging data as the cornerstone to explore and innovate product lines continuously. Thus, we are poised to embrace new developments, challenges, and opportunities.

New Year's Banquet

Braving the wind and waves, conquering mountains and seas.

To bid farewell to the old and welcoming the new, Dibea expresses gratitude to every hardworking member of the Dibea family with a sumptuous banquet, welcoming the arrival of the New Year. The banquet also features generous gifts and rounds of exciting prize draws, continuously elevating the atmosphere. The stage was illuminated brightly, reflecting a joyful, harmonious, and enterprising atmosphere.


The company's growth owes much to the proactive engagement and courageous commitment of Dibea personnel. In 2023, Dibea delved deep into refining and elevating core technological prowess, actively seizing upon the diversified and smart home appliance trends, and wholeheartedly driving product innovation.

Breaking through pivotal technological barriers, Dibea introduced the groundbreaking concept of "vacuum cleaner + base station," birthing the JCT intelligent dust collection station; conquering the domain of "water and dust circulation" technology, it unveiled independently developed wet-dry vacuum products; and it surged into the high-speed hair dryer arena, expanding its reach into the high-end personal care market. These technological strides not only broadened the company's product portfolio but also brought new growth points to the enterprise.

Throughout 2023, Dibea continually elevated its standards of operational management while solidifying employee welfare provisions. By refining the shared values and sense of mission unique to the Dibea community, they constructed a comprehensive theoretical framework for the enterprise, propelling production and operations to new heights. Simultaneously, Dibea established a robust training mechanism for new recruits and augmented investments in employee benefits, thus instilling a steady internal momentum for the company's growth.