Dibea Annual Review | Passionate Leadership in 2023, Fearless New Chapter in 2024

Dibea Annual Review | Passionate Leadership in 2023, Fearless New Chapter in 2024
Day by day, another year has passed.
In 2023, we led the change with passion
Innovating amidst self-improvement, never forgetting our initial aspirations.
We traveled the world, gaining more like-minded partners on this journey.
In 2024, more possibilities are unfolding.
As pioneers in the smart home appliance industry,
we will fearlessly move forward, creating surprises beyond expectations.
With products made wholeheartedly, we celebrate all thoughtful lives.
Product | Devoted to Innovation, Leading Imagination
In 2023, we consistently lead the industry, challenging cutting-edge technology. Our flagship new products, including cordless vacuum cleaners with base stations, high-speed negative ion hair dryers, and smart wet-dry vacuum, closely follow the trends in smart home appliances, attracting attention at domestic and international exhibitions. Behind our continuous innovation lies our passion for the pursuit of perfection and our vision for future living style. Every design, every feature, is infused with our love for life and care for our users.

Dibea Production Assembly Workshop
Dibea 2023 Flagship Product
Exhibition | Stepping onto the Global Stage, Engaging with the World
From Berlin to Tokyo, from Dubai to Istanbul, with the footsteps of the Dibea exhibition, Dibea's flagship new products for 2023 are unveiled one by one.
In over 20 international exhibitions, our products have attracted countless attention. This is not only the moment when we engage with the world, but also the moment when we gain trust and establish connections. Thanks to every partner who has stopped by for us, it is you who keep Dibea moving forward.
Honors | Pursuit of Quality, Abundant Achievements
In 2023, we successively obtained the "Specialized and Innovative" enterprise certification representing our innovation strength, the "Outstanding Private Leading Enterprise" certification representing our outstanding contributions as an enterprise, and the "Alibaba International Station Global Top Seller" honor awarded by Alibaba International Trade Site, which represents high-end supply strength and service level.
Internationally, Dibea products have accelerated their deployment worldwide, reaching many countries and regions with outstanding quality, and winning recognition from local quality systems. Currently, Dibea products have received multiple international authoritative certifications, including ISO9001, CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE, KC, and more. This showcases Dibea Electrical's rigorous attitude and dedication to product quality.
Our numerous accolades stem from Dibea 's relentless pursuit of quality and steadfast commitment to innovation, highlighting Dibea 's core strength, and also affirming our continuous innovation and efforts.

2024, A Fearless New Chapter

Only by daring to break through can we lead the trend.
In 2023, a new chapter began, grateful for every gaze of attention.
Dibea will continue to use innovation as its engine, constantly challenging itself.
In 2024, more wonderful things to look forward to, inviting you to witness together.