Dibea is Set to Debut at Global Expos

Dibea is Set to Debut at Global Expos

As spring begins and all things come back to life, starting in March, Dibea Appliances will set sail to participate in industry-related international exhibitions in countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, and Russia. As a national high-tech enterprise, Dibea seeks innovation for breakthroughs and development through market strategies, bringing multiple new and significant products to the global stage, offering the international market a greater variety of smart and technologically advanced appliance products.

Exhibition Schedule:  
Good Appliance Expo Tokyo, Japan  
Booth Number: GA2033
As people increasingly pursue a refined lifestyle, small home appliances have become the primary choice for enhancing the quality of life and happiness. With the concept of revitalizing the regional economy, Tokyo, Japan will host a new exhibition in 2024, the "GOOD Appliance Expo." This exhibition marks the first time in Japan that an event is dedicated to small home appliances. As one of Japan's premier business showcases, the event will welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to its tens of thousands of square meters of exhibition space.
March 17-19, 2024
The Inspired Home Show at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, USA
Booth Number: N15726









The Inspired Home Show is the most authoritative trade exposition in North America and globally for home and household products. Founded in 1928 by the National Housewares Manufacturers Association (IHA), which boasts an annual retail total of over $200 billion, the event is held annually in Chicago. This highly professional exhibition is rated as one of the top ten exhibitions in the USA in terms of effectiveness. Industry professionals regard it as the premier authority and preferred event for sourcing household goods, appliances, and daily necessities in the North American region.

March 27-29, 2024
Moscow International Home and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (MosHome), Russia
The Russia International Home Comprehensive Consumer Goods Exhibition is an annual international exhibition targeting daily consumer goods, home decor, and hardware products. The exhibition spans approximately 100,000 square meters, attracting around 80,000 visitors, with the number of exhibitors and brands reaching 720.
April 2-5, 2024
Moscow, Russia Household Goods and Home Appliances Exhibition, HouseHold Expo
Booth Number: 3F502

The Moscow International Household Goods Exhibition (HouseHold Expo) in Russia is an international exhibition specifically for household goods. It is organized by Russia's largest household goods manufacturers association, co-organized by Mayer J, and sponsored by the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and the Moscow government.

The launch of the new generation mite remover is imminent, providing deeper health protection.

In 2024, Dibea is set to venture overseas once again. As one of the leading brands in the overseas cleaning appliance market, each new product launch by Dibea garners significant attention in the local markets. At the Dibea overseas series exhibition in March-April, Dibea will also bring surprises to everyone.

Facing the ever-evolving household health needs, Dibea introduces the brand new UV30 ion mite remover, leveraging 17 years of core technology accumulation in household cleaning appliances.

Traditional mite r removers usually only have vibration and UV ultraviolet sterilization functions for mite removal. The Dibea UV30 ion mite remover focuses not only on immediate mite removal but also on long-term mite suppression. Its innovative ultrasonic function can deeply exterminate mites and inhibit their reproduction. The constant temperature hot air function disrupts the living environment of mites, enhancing the efficiency of mite removal.

Moreover, the UV30 anion mite remover not only sterilizes and removes mites but also ensures fresh air in the bedroom. Its dual-cup filtration system efficiently removes mites while preventing exhaust pollution. Equipped with an ion function, it effectively purifies the air, reduces respiratory infections, and safeguards peaceful sleep.

Empowering Smart Living, Boosting Industry Development

As an innovative product leading the vacuum cleaner industry into the era of stations, the JCT Smart Dust Collection Station from Dibea will make another appearance at overseas exhibitions.

At previous exhibitions, the JCT Smart Dust Collection Station was highly recognized by customers from various countries. Its popularity stems not only from its ability to automatically collect dust and free users' hands compared to traditional vacuum cleaners but also because the base station cleans the dust cup and other filter components of the vacuum cleaner each time, alleviating suction power loss. Additionally, besides having a dust collection bag, the station is equipped with its own filtration system, which prevents secondary pollution caused by exhaust after long-term dust storage.

In recent years, Dibea Electronics has continued to make significant efforts in the home appliance sector, gaining widespread popularity at international exhibitions in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other regions with its four major product categories: cordless vacuum cleaners, smart wet-dry vacuum, high-speed hairdryers, and home mite removers, showcasing its strong product development capabilities and competitive edge worldwide.