Exhibition Review | Showcasing China's innovative strength - Dibea made its debut at the German IFA exhibition

Exhibition Review | Showcasing China's innovative strength - Dibea made its debut at the German IFA exhibition

The highly anticipated 2023 Berlin International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IFA) opened on September 1st at the Berlin Exhibition Center in Germany. As one of the world's largest and most comprehensive electronic product exhibitions, IFA attracts thousands of top technology companies from around the globe to exhibit each year. This year, Dibea once again ventured overseas, showcasing its full range of smart home appliances and competing alongside numerous international leading brands, demonstrating the allure of its new products.

Home appliances are the core category of this exhibition. At IFA 2023, Dibea showcased a range of technological products covering multiple categories, including vacuum cleaners, smart floor cleaners, household mite removers, high-speed hair dryers, etc., bringing numerous innovative technologies and enhanced user experiences. Particularly, Dibea's cordless vacuum cleaner with 'Smart Base Station,' as well as technologies like 'Dual Charging Dock,' 'Dual Airway Dust Collection,' and '60 Days of No Cleaning,' received high acclaim.

As a new species of vacuum cleaner products, the G26 wireless vacuum cleaner with the base station combines two core technologies: intelligence and cleanliness. This product made its debut at exhibitions such as the Hong Kong Fair and The China Import and Export Fair in April and received great acclaim from customers at home and abroad. The brand-new intelligent dust collection base station not only automatically removes dust from the dust cup after vacuuming but also comes with manual and automatic modes, allowing users to choose the most suitable option according to their habits. Additionally, the Dibea wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with an exclusive 3-liter large-capacity dust bag and a dual air filtration system, ensuring that no dust pollution is generated during the cleaning process and avoiding any harm to health.

To meet the ever-growing cleaning demands of consumers, the G26 wireless vacuum cleaner has also demonstrated additional features. The product is equipped with a unique V-shaped upright storage brush, which is capable of handling temporary storage situations and efficiently cleaning different surfaces such as floors, tiles, and carpets. It is also equipped with a dust detection system that automatically adjusts suction power based on the intensity of dirt, making the usage more effortless. Additionally, the intelligent self-diagnosis function of the device promptly displays its status on the touch screen, providing users with a more convenient experience.

This year, the "China Household Appliance Innovation Achievement Promotion" returned to the IFA exhibition, and Liu Ting, the Director of the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, stated in his speech during the promotion event, "The spirit of innovation has become an important gene of the Chinese home appliance industry." The Dibea G26 wireless vacuum cleaner with the base station has become a focal point at the prestigious IFA exhibition, bringing a brand-new solution for household dust removal to the industry, which is closely intertwined with Dibea's spirit of innovation that has been upheld all along.

With 16 years of industry wisdom and experience, Dibea Appliances has been deeply rooted in the industry, continuously innovating, and building core competitiveness. The mission of "creating good products with dedication" is not only embedded in the company's DNA but also drives Dibea to constantly advance in the forefront of the industry.

As early as its establishment in 2007, Dibea Appliances had a forward-looking vision and targeted the "smart home appliances" market, becoming one of the first brands of intelligent floor-cleaning robots in China. Since 2011, Dibea has successively established four independent factory areas for mold injection, motor manufacturing, vacuum cleaner assembly, and floor-cleaning robot assembly, continuously enhancing its research and development and manufacturing capabilities to facilitate product innovation.

Since 2012, with its high-end quality, Dibea has repeatedly ranked among the top brands on the "Taobao Double Eleven Best-Selling Brands" list with its floor-cleaning robots and mite removers. In particular, the floor-cleaning robot has consistently ranked second on the list for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013. In 2015, Dibea keenly captured industry trends and became one of the first brands in China to launch wireless vacuum cleaners, leading in sales in the domestic market. In 2018, with the growing strength of the company, Dibea successfully established a foothold in overseas markets. The sales of its products in the Korean market have been at the forefront, and the "Chyson" phenomenon has received attention from relevant media reports.

This year, Dibea has been continuously expanding its product line. While striving for excellence in the field of cleaning appliances, Dibea also keeps pace with the times by entering the high-end market of personal care and launching a series of high-speed hair dryers. At the same time, Dibea is diversifying its technological investments and reserves by expanding into multiple avenues. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, Dibea aims to provide limitless possibilities for a better quality of life.

With rapid development and technological accumulation, Dibea has been expanding its presence overseas. It has already covered markets in more than 80 countries, and its trademarks are registered in over 100 countries and regions worldwide, serving millions of households.

In the face of an ever-changing market, Dibea understands the importance of proactive change to navigate the dynamics. In the future, Dibea will continue to explore the forefront of the industry, refine its product capabilities, and contribute to the continuous upgrading of the industry.