Dibea's wide range of products showcased at international exhibitions, receiving widespread acclaim.

Dibea's wide range of products showcased at international exhibitions, receiving widespread acclaim.

Dibea's wide range of products showcased at international exhibitions, receiving widespread acclaim.

Dibea's Product Line Expansion

Capturing New Market Opportunities

In 2024, Dibea is actively expanding in the cleaning and personal care appliance sectors, launching a variety of new products, and driving a new round of expansion for the Dibea product line.

Dibea Product Line

Amidst the anticipation of numerous partners, these new products debuted at various international exhibitions alongside Dibea's Spring Festival overseas fairs. They were featured at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States, the Good Appliance Expo Tokyo in Japan, the International Home + Housewares Show (IHA) in Chicago, USA, and the HouseHold Expo in Moscow, Russia.

As Dibea is invited to more international exhibitions, the Dibea products are increasingly receiving attention and acclaim. Standing shoulder to shoulder with many domestic brands going global, Dibea is pushing Chinese technology to shine even brighter on the world stage.

New Product Launch
Praised as "Impressive"

At the CES in Las Vegas, the world's largest tech exhibition, this year's event featured over 4,300 exhibiting companies including major international firms such as Qualcomm, Intel, Bosch, Siemens, and Volkswagen. The event received coverage from more than 5,000 global media agencies and content creators.

At the exhibition, Dibea's cutting-edge home appliance, the UV30 Ultrasonic Dust Mite Remover, was highly praised for its diverse mite removal functions and intelligent dust mite monitoring capabilities. A major retailer from San Francisco commended our product for its "impressive functionality," and its stylish design was also noted as refreshingly modern.

At the Household Expo in Moscow, Russia, customers who experienced the Dibea T30 series hair dryer gave it high praise. They noted its commendable user-friendly operation experience, and its performance and results were very satisfactory.

Moreover, customers have openly stated on site that the technical features of the JCT Smart Dust Collection Station are on par with internationally renowned brands, and even have advantages in aspects such as dual battery compartments and dual-channel dust collection.

On-site users are enthusiastic

At the Good Appliance Expo in Tokyo, Japan, enthusiasm was high among users for Dibea's smart home appliance products. Attendees gathered around to closely observe and learn about the product features and operating methods, and even tried out the demo units. Many users commented that Dibea's products are not only innovatively designed but also perform exceptionally well, representing the technological innovation strength of Chinese manufacturing.

At the event, Dibea showcased its flagship product, the HC26 smart wet-dry vacuum. Its unique electrolyzed water technology, self-cleaning function, and efficient sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming capabilities were highly praised by the attendees. A purchasing manager from a home appliance brand commented, "Dibea's wet mopping function is particularly suitable for cleaning hard floors in Japanese homes. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with them."

In the wave of technological innovation, Dibea has been committed to advancing the development of the home appliance industry. In the future, Dibea will continue its globalization strategy, expanding into more emerging markets, and collaborating with global partners to embrace opportunities and challenges.