Exhibition Preview | Dibea is about to make appearances at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, the China Import and Export Fair, and Gifts & Home in Shenzhen.

Exhibition Preview | Dibea is about to make appearances at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, the China Import and Export Fair, and Gifts & Home in Shenzhen.

The successful completion of the September global tour, and the new journey of Dibea starts in October. The 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair, the China Import and Export Fair, and Gifts & Home in Shenzhen will all be held in the Greater Bay Area, where technology and trends collide, and where Chinese innovation meets international vision. In addition to the exhibitions in the Greater Bay Area, the influential Dubai Electronics Fair in the Middle East will also start in October. As a pioneer in Chinese household appliances going global, Dibea will showcase nearly 20 hardcore products at the fair, including multiple global new releases.

In 1901, the world’s first vacuum cleaning device that functioned similarly to modern vacuum cleaners was invented by British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth. Since then, after a hundred years of development, modern vacuum cleaners and their diversified accessories have helped people free their hands and achieve easier household cleaning. 

Today, vacuum cleaners have become more efficient and intelligent, but the operational logic of “suctioning dust-filtering-storage-emptying” remains the same. Especially when emptying the garbage and cleaning the dustbin, it inevitably leads to dust and dirty hands.

Now, Dibea uses the JCT Intelligent Dust Collection Base Station to redefine home dust removal solutions. The dust collection base station uses dual-channel cyclone suction to remove the dirt stored in the vacuum cleaner and securely store it in a dust bag. With the combination of “vacuum cleaner + base station,” Dibea innovatively solves the two major pain points of frequent garbage disposal and cleaning of the dust cup, eliminating the annoyance of inhaling dust and dirty hands. 

With a large 3L dust bag that can be changed in 2 months, and automatic reminders when the dust is full, it can be disposed of after use. It adopts a integrated sealing design, and when pulling out the handle to remove the dust bag, it will automatically seal into the dust port, ensuring zero contact with garbage dust. At the same time, the JCT Intelligent Dust Collection Base Station is considerately equipped with manual and automatic modes. Under the automatic mode, the intelligent control system can monitor the status of the vacuum cleaner in real time and perform one-stop automatic dust collection. When the family is resting, it can also be switched to manual mode to avoid the noise of dust collection and disturb the rest. 

 Whether it’s innovative product logic or user experience that can be perceived, they all come from the persistent dedication of Dibea’s research and development team.

Over 16 years of in-depth research on cutting-edge technology in the industry, Dibea has built an expert-level R&D team. The team has gathered outstanding talents from overseas, including many experts in various fields such as structural engineers, electronic engineers, industrial design engineers, and laboratory staff. It not only realizes independent research and development of core components, industrial structures, and electronic control software and hardware but also masters advanced professional technologies throughout the entire industry chain.

In the future, Dibea will continue to explore and introduce the latest technologies and design concepts to upgrade the quality of home life with technology. In addition to the JCT Intelligent Dust Collection Base Station, more revolutionary products will also be unveiled at the October exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit the Dibea booth for guidance.