Exhibition Preview | Dibea's Excellence on Display at International Expos

Exhibition Preview | Dibea's Excellence on Display at International Expos

From IFA in Germany, Tokyo International Gift Show in Japan, HouseHold Expo , to Zuchex , four major events representing the highest levels of the global and regional home appliance industries were held in succession.

In September, Dibea Electronics' footsteps spanned the globe, leading home appliance innovation trends with technology and quality.

Despite the exhibitions being thousands of miles apart, the atmosphere at Dibea's booths was equally vibrant. Dibea's new T30 high-speed hair dryer and JCT smart dust station made a big splash, alongside many leading technology products from top global brands, collectively representing the future direction of industry development and showcasing China's excellent quality manufacturing to the world.

Within half an hour of opening, the IFA exhibition area was crowded with bustling crowds; at the Japan gift show, some people wanted to purchase the vacuum cleaner exhibit on the spot; at the Moscow expo, customers were in negotiations at Dibea's booth, while the Turkey expo booth had already received news of signed deals...

It was Dibea's booth showcasing world-class high-tech products that attracted the attention of commercial customers from various countries. The most eye-catching product in Dibea's booth was the JCT smart dust collecting station. The sleek dust collecting station had the flagship G26 vacuum cleaner "mounted" on it - the perfect integration of the two in technology and aesthetics caused quite a stir. This smart dust collecting station can realize dual battery charging to double the vacuum cleaner's run time. At the same time, innovative dual airway dust collection can quickly clean the vacuum cleaner's dust cup, saving users the cleaning work after each use of the vacuum cleaner. The innovative base station charging, cleaning and dust collection all-in-one solution undoubtedly represents the current direction of development for vacuum cleaners.

Driven by user needs, Dibea bases its innovation on a global layout and has garnered favor from many at the trade show venues. A variety of wireless vacuum cleaners, all-in-one intelligent floor washers that integrate suction and mopping, convenient portable vacuums that can also be used in vehicles, and high-speed hair dryers that can both blow and protect hair with negative ions - a full range of high-end products continue to win praise from on-site customers with their eye-catching specifications and trendy looks.

The eye-catching export performance not only reflects Dibea's strong R&D capabilities and innovation, but also stems from Dibea's strict quality control and responsible attitude towards users. With excellent technology and industry influence, Dibea Electronics has been recognized by all sectors of society for 16 years since its establishment. It has received numerous honors such as National High-tech Product Certification, Jiangsu Provincial High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Provincial Specialized, New and Unique Enterprise, representing Dibea's benchmark positioning in the industry.

Following the perfect conclusion of overseas exhibitions in September, Dibea's global journey continues apace. In October, we look forward to meeting you at Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. Gitex Technology Week in Dubai (GITEX) is the largest consumer electronics exhibition in the Middle East. The exhibition will be held from October 16th to 20th.

Dibea Electronics has always been committed to providing high-quality, innovative products and services for different country markets. This October, Dibea looks forward to meeting you at Gitex in Dubai and other Greater Bay Area exhibitions (Canton Fair, Shenzhen Gifts Fair, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, etc.) to share our latest products, technologies and innovative achievements in areas such as smart cleaning, smart care, and more.

We hope to showcase how Dibea is leveraging technology to deliver superior consumer experiences. Our goal is to partner with customers worldwide and continue creating value through quality products and services.