Exhibition Review | Dibea Returns From Global Exhibitions in September-October with Fruitful Results

Exhibition Review | Dibea Returns From Global Exhibitions in September-October with Fruitful Results

Over the course of 8 exhibitions, participants from over 100 countries and regions attended with a total number of military personnel exceeding 1 million… In September and October, Dibea Appliances showcased its latest achievements in the field of smart home appliances and engaged with industry peers under the spotlight of numerous international trade shows, returning with fruitful results.

Before the exhibition, the Dibea team traveled across continents with various packages, coming from Suzhou to Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo, and Istanbul. They strived for perfection in booth construction and display layout, all in order to present their products in the best possible way. The exhibited products cover the fields of cleaning and personal care, including vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, handheld vacuums, steam mops, and hair dryers.

At the IFA exhibition in Germany, the JCT Smart Dust Collector Base from Dibea attracted a lot of attention. This new integrated home cleaning solution effectively addresses the pain points of frequent dust disposal and dirty hands associated with traditional vacuum cleaners. As an emerging category in the market, the Dibea JCT Smart Dust Collector Base has gained significant attention in overseas markets, attracting numerous companies and exhibitors to visit and experience it, and gaining a large number of fans.

At the exhibition in Turkey, the T30 high-speed negative ion hair dryer from Dibea attracted inquiries from customers in various countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, with its elegant design and high-end quality. Many customers at the event expressed initial intentions for cooperation after witnessing the strong performance of Dibea’s high-speed hair dryer. This also indicates that Dibea has successfully entered the mid-to-high-end market in the new field of personal care appliances and gained attention from global customers. It has become a driving force for Dibea’s continued development and progress.

At three international exhibitions in the Greater Bay Area, Dibea, as a prominent Chinese force among global home appliance brands, naturally cannot be absent. Dibea Appliances showcased a stunning lineup of high-quality products, attracting every passerby to stop and take notice.

At the Canton Fair, the Dibea booth is crowded with visitors, generating a tremendous buzz. The highest number of daily visitors exceeds 100 groups! Whether it is product performance, quality, or appearance, Dibea products have received extensive recognition and affirmation from potential partners for cooperation. Dibea’s team of senior engineers, who are responsible for product development, also made appearances at the exhibition to provide detailed explanations to customers regarding the technical strength and outstanding performance of Dibea’s self-developed products.

As a high-end appliance brand with a history of 16 years, Dibea boasts a professional technical team on the forefront of the industry. Its flagship products, designed independently, possess performance parameters that rival leading brands both domestically and internationally, earning recognition in the market. Additionally, Dibea’s years of practical research and development experience enable them to tailor products according to customer needs, meeting complex requirements and attracting numerous new and existing clients for in-depth communication and negotiation.

“Creating good products with heartfelt effort" is the mission of Dibea Appliances, through continuous participation in domestic and international exhibitions, Dibea strives to spread and showcase the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing to the world! In the future, Dibea Appliances will continue focusing on more diversified home life scenarios to develop more leading products at the forefront of the industry.

Thank you to all partners and followers for your company and support. We look forward to our next meeting to explore breakthroughs and the future of smart home appliances together.