Exhibition Review | Shanghai AWE and Shenzhen Gift Fair Conclude with Dibea High-Speed Hair Dryer Attracting Attention!

Shanghai AWE and Shenzhen Gift Fair

The 31st Shenzhen Gift Fair and Shanghai AWE Appliance & Electronics World Expo, two major exhibition events, came to a close on April 29th and April 30th, respectively. 

Dibea Appliances showcased their brand-new product line at the two exhibitions, gaining immense attention and winning over numerous fans with their high-quality and outstanding performance!

*Full names of the above exhibitions: Shenzhen Gift Fair: China (Shenzhen) International Gift, Crafts, Watches, and Household Products Exhibition
Shanghai AWE Exhibition: Appliance & Electronics World Expo .

As one of the pioneers in the global smart home appliances industry, Dibea showcases a range of innovative products at the exhibition, including high-speed hair dryers, cordless vacuum cleaners, and intelligent wet-dry vacuum, attracting significant attention.


Among Dibea's new products for the year 2023, the SUPER-AIR series T30 Pro and T30 Plus, both featuring negative ion technology, have made a remarkable impression at the exhibition.

Introducing the Dibea T30 Pro and T30 Plus Ionic Hair Dryers, two powerful new additions to Dibea's hair care lineup. Equipped with a visual smart screen, these dryers combine peak aesthetics with high-end performance.


The product's power core is derived from Dibea's self-developed aerospace-grade high-speed digital motor, delivering a remarkable speed of up to 120,000 revolutions per minute. With such powerful energy, it generates an ultra-high wind speed equivalent to a hurricane of level 17 or above, providing a convenient 3-minute drying experience.


Featuring an innovative vortex spiral airway, it ensures a stable and large airflow while creating a uniform temperature zone, avoiding hair damage caused by high temperatures. With a flow of 200 million high-energy negative ions, it smoothens dry and frizzy hair, making every drying session a deep nourishing SPA treatment.

At the series of international exhibitions held in April, Dibea unveiled its latest groundbreaking product, the cordless vacuum cleaner with a unique dust collection station, which is rarely seen in the domestic market. Alongside the new 2023 intelligent wet-dry vacuum series, these products made their simultaneous debut at the aforementioned exhibitions.


With numerous new additions, Dibea showcases its unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and extensive expertise in the field of smart home appliances. It consistently strives to explore and enhance intelligent living scenarios, aiming to create a multitude of possibilities for a better life for consumers worldwide.