Exhibition Review | Showcasing Innovative Charm - Dibea Participates in "CTIS Consumer Technology & Innovation Show" in Shanghai

CTIS Consumer Technology & Innovation Show

Flagship products series
Each one attracts attention and popularity

Following the successful exhibitions in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai in April, Dibea's full range of new products once again takes the spotlight at the "CTIS Consumer Technology & Innovation Show" in Shanghai from May 30th to June 1st.

Trendy and Outstanding
A Display of Strength

With relentless innovation, we create products with unique charm. At the exhibition, the 1N20 booth of Dibea received frequent inquiries from visitors. The various products showcased in this exhibition not only successfully impressed the exhibition audience with outstanding product performances but also showcased the company's mission of " CREATE GOOD PRODUCTS WHOLEHEARTEDLY"

In front of the display booths of the latest T30Pro and T30Plus hair dryers by Dibea, people are seen to raise their phones taking photos or experience the product performance on the spot. As the highly anticipated flagship products of Dibea Appliances in 2023, the T30 series hair dryers have garnered widespread acclaim for their outstanding design and performance.

Drawing on 16 years of experience in the smart home appliance industry, Dibea Appliances integrates forward-thinking insights and precise targeting of customer needs into product development. The new Super-Air T30Pro and T30Plus hair dryers not only offer fast drying but also provide users extraordinary hair care experience.

Combining Inner and Outer Excellence
Romance Infused with Technology

In terms of appearance, the T30 series hair dryers seamlessly blend technology with romance, featuring sleek and smooth lines. With four color options inspired by nature and incorporating traditional Chinese color pallets, they provide a unique visual experience.

Equipped with a built-in 110,000 RPM aerospace-grade high-speed motor, the hair dryers achieve exceptionally high airflow, allowing for hair to be dried in just 3 minutes. With up to 300 million negative ions, these hair dryers simultaneously protect the hair while blowing, helping to close the cuticles and reduce hair split ends. The high-definition smart display screen presents functions clearly, while the eight hair drying modes cater to various daily styling needs, empowering users to achieve their desired looks effortlessly.

Through product innovation and the application of advanced technology, Dibea aims to create a more comfortable experience for smart home appliance usage. The G26 flagship vacuum cleaner with the dust collection station, which integrates dust collecting and charging, and the HC26 wet-dry vacuum, which features one-touch self-cleaning, appeared together as the flagship products in their respective categories. Their outstanding product performance has garnered the attention and interest of customers and exhibition attendees alike.

Interpreting the deep insight into contemporary life through product design

Displaying a craftsmanship that pays attention to the finest details

Using our products as a medium to convey Dibea's caring warmth towards customers