Spring Domestic Tour Exhibition | From Home Cleanliness to Personal Care, Dibea Shows Innovative Power

Spring Domestic Tour Exhibition | From Home Cleanliness to Personal Care, Dibea Shows Innovative Power

In the wave of globalization, international exhibitions serve not only as stages to showcase the latest technologies and product innovations but also as arenas where enterprises from various countries compete for market attention.

In the spring of 2024, Dibea has been and will continue to be frequently featured at over ten major international and domestic exhibitions

From March to April, three major international exhibitions will follow one after another: the Shanghai Home Appliance Show (AWE), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and the Canton Fair. Dibea actively participates and demonstrates its intelligence and innovation to the world through new products and breakthrough technologies.

Industry Showcase

Deep Engagement

In recent years, Dibea has been at the forefront with many leading domestic small appliance brands in China, driving innovation and development, and leading Chinese products and brands to the global stage.

Data shows that in 2023, China's vacuum cleaner exports amounted to $5.907 billion, marking a 2.6% increase year-over-year. The export volume was approximately 158 million units, a 19.64% increase from the previous year. The growth in exports is backed by technological breakthroughs and quality improvements by Chinese companies in the relevant fields.

By increasing investment in production and research and expanding the technical team, Dibea has made significant breakthroughs in product performance in 2024. By developing several new products that match the performance of international brands, Dibea is further expanding its presence in overseas markets.

At the exhibition site, the Dibea booth presented several new products for 2024, attracting domestic and international visitors to stop and experience. The large-capacity vacuum cleaner FC30 with improved performance, the efficient and multifunctional negative ion mite remover UV30, and the stylish and functional negative ion high-speed hair dryer T30 were among the new products that received praise and recognition from international customers.

Facing the market

Surpassing expectations.

A good product always shines! Since its stunning debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States, the Dibea FC30 high-capacity vacuum cleaner has been in the spotlight for its breakthrough performance. At the recent domestic exhibition, the FC30 high-capacity vacuum cleaner captivated attention once again.

✦ Hurricane-level suction power of over 200AW, leading the performance of many domestic and international products and breaking through the industry's cutting-edge technological barriers.

✦ Intelligent dirt recognition feature that automatically adjusts suction power based on the density of dust, perfectly combining convenience and intelligence.

✦ Innovative carpet boost mode, which allows the brush roll to operate at higher speeds when cleaning carpets, further meeting the product expectations of the European and American markets.

✦ The "extra-large" dust cup with a maximum capacity of 1.5L, along with a long-lasting 60-minute battery life, satisfies the cleaning needs of larger living spaces without the worry of cleaning interruptions.

Through these comprehensive enhancements in product performance and design philosophies that directly address core user needs, we can see Dibea's latest achievements in the smart home appliance sector. With precise research and development aimed squarely at market demands, each new generation of Dibea products consistently leads at the forefront of the industry.

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience

Preserve Your Passion

Maintaining a clean home demands significant time and effort from every household member. Dibea understands the importance of efficiency in cleaning, allowing you to devote more time to what you love.

In addition to our flagship cordless vacuum cleaners, Dibea addresses diverse cleaning needs across various settings.

From our smart wet-dry vacuum designed for both wet and dry debris, to our handheld vacuum series crafted for effortless corner cleaning, and our mite removal devices dedicated to bed hygiene, Dibea offers a comprehensive solution for every aspect of home cleaning.

With over a decade of dedicated research in purification technology, Dibea has expanded its focus on "home purification" to encompass the well-being of every household member. At various domestic and international exhibitions in spring 2024, Dibea introduced a number of new products in its personal care lineup, marking a significant leap in its product development.

In an era of increasingly diverse and personalized consumer demands, Dibea remains poised to respond to market shifts, leveraging its research and development strengths to continually deliver products with a competitive edge. By using products as a conduit, Dibea aims to cultivate better living environments for its customers and consumers alike.

Looking ahead, Dibea is committed to actively participating in more international exhibitions to enhance its global brand presence and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to connect with you.