Unleashing Innovation Across China and Russia | Dibea's Power of Innovation in a Transforming Market

Unleashing Innovation Across China and Russia | Dibea's Power of Innovation in a Transforming Market

Witness the power of innovation spanning China and Russia with Dibea.

In May, Dibea Electronics continues its relentless journey, showcasing its products at the Shenzhen Hugo Cross-Border Exhibition (CCEE) and the Moscow International Home Goods Expo (MosHome).


From the bustling city of Shenzhen to the vast expanses of Russia, Dibea's exhibition booths were equally vibrant. Each uniquely crafted flagship product demonstrated the strength of Chinese manufacturing and highlighted Dibea Electronics' ongoing innovation.

FC30 Large Capacity Vacuum Cleaner

A Vacuum Cleaner That Truly Understands You

The Dibea FC30 Large Capacity Vacuum Cleaner, with its outstanding performance and intelligent design, became the highlight of the exhibition.

This large-capacity vacuum cleaner truly "understands you." It features unique carpet boost technology and dust intensity recognition, intelligently assessing cleaning needs without complex settings. When more dust is detected, it automatically increases suction power. On carpets, it boosts brush roll speed to deep clean embedded dirt. This intelligent design makes cleaning simple and efficient.

The 1.5L ultra-large dust cup means the FC30 Large Capacity Vacuum Cleaner does not require frequent emptying after cleaning. The large dust cup design not only saves the user's time but also ensures ample filtration space, maintaining strong suction power and extending the product's lifespan. With 200AW powerful suction and up to 70 minutes of battery life, the FC30 Large Capacity Vacuum Cleaner can easily tackle various cleaning challenges.

Quality and Innovation

Dibea's Global Vision

In the global consumer electronics field, Chinese companies are demonstrating increasing strength. As a leader among them, Dibea has reached over 80 countries worldwide. Its cutting-edge technology, diverse product range, and excellent performance have won the favor of global customers.

Leveraging 17 years of accumulated expertise and innovation in core technologies such as motors, battery packs, air ducts, intelligent sensing, and smart touch controls, along with years of quality control, sales service, and brand marketing experience, Dibea stays at the forefront of the global smart home appliance industry. In the first half of this year, it has launched several highly anticipated smart home appliances.

With the continuous unveiling of new products in 2024, Dibea’s new product system has taken shape. It covers a diverse range of categories including cordless vacuum cleaners, smart wet-dry vacuum, handheld vacuums, mite removers, and high-speed hair dryers, bringing an extraordinary smart home experience to users worldwide. In the future, more intelligent, convenient, and efficient home appliances will be introduced. Let's look forward to and witness this together.


1.5L "Ultra-large Cup" Dust Cup: Refers to a maximum dust cup capacity of 1.5L. To maintain effective operation of the filtration system and prevent motor blockage, the effective capacity is set to 0.92L. It is recommended to clean the dust cup promptly once it exceeds the effective capacity.