What support can we offer our clients?

1.Technical Strength

R&D Team:Our professional R&D team, composed of hundreds of researchers covering multiple disciplines, provides us with a technological advantage.
Full Industry Chain Technology:We have mature expertise in high-speed digital motors, electronic engineering, mechanical structure design, supply chain management, and other areas.
Patent Pool Construction:Dibea has accumulated over 300 patents at home and abroad, with invention patents and utility model patents accounting for more than 75%.

2.Quality Assurance

Our industry-leading QC team ensures top-quality products through rigorous quality control, equipment aging testing, and monitoring of core component quality rates. Our quality system meets certifications such as ISO9001, European CE, US FCC, Korean KC, and Japanese PSE, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

3.Business Cooperation

As a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, you can collaborate with us and enjoy our OEM and ODM services.
Our company has an extensive and mature after-sales service system, providing our partners with high-quality consultation, exchange, repair guidance, and technical support to ensure customer satisfaction.

4.Shipping Speed

MOQ of 1000 units, delivery time: 45-50 days. Customers will be able to maintain better turn over funds with our high delivery efficiency.

 5.Storage Capacity

Dibea offers a diverse range of professional product lines. To ensure timely fulfillment, tracking, reliable delivery, and a positive customer experience, we strictly manage the team's shipping system and quality system, and effectively control the receipt and delivery of warehousing goods, balances, and so on.

6.Logistics Support

We have a reliable overseas export support system, working with dozens of long-term shipping companies. When shipping full containers, customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred shipping company or entrust us with delivery for on-time arrival. 

 7.Operational Support

We offer comprehensive new media promotion to our customers, including but not limited to producing promotional materials, designing in-store displays, and organizing online and offline events to boost product sales and increase brand awareness.

B2B Collaboration

Welcome to be Dibea's importer/distributor

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